media credibility has been impeached. journalists must not be partisan snipers.
              Serial Murderers

                                          I am tired of reading about
                                          Accounts of suicide
                                          I am tired of hearing about
                                          the reasons that they died
                                          I know in my heart that they lived
                                          I know in my heart that they soared
                                          I know in my heart that God understands
                                          All the love that is always ignored.

                                          Love does not surrender
                                          And accounts of suicide ignore
                                          the unforgiving hatred that betrays
                                          murderous tyrants who plant stories
                                          about suicide to evade justice.

                                          We are tired because we know why
                                          they call it suicide
                                          They want victims without villains
                                          They want to get away with murder
                                          But they never do
                                          Because God understands
                                          All the love that is ignored.

n memory of Vincent Foster and Steve Kangas. Vincent Foster needs no introduction. Steve Kangas has been repeatedly slandered by a conservative media that demonized him, in order to make his death acceptable. Sooner or latter, the ministry of propaganda that libelled Steve Kangas, will be held accountable.

To his enemies, Steve Kangas was a godless, pinko, Commie, lying socialist weasel, and he deliberately admitted the same, to preempt the libel. To his friends, Steve Kangas was an intelligent, kind, compassionate, well reasoned man. That is the virtual reality of the award winning, successful website publisher. Beyond the images, Steve Kangas was a businessman who had landed a lucrative job in Las Vegas. On Feb. 8 1999, the body of Steve Kangas was discovered in a washroom on the 39th floor of a building at one Oxford Centre in Pittsburgh, just outside the offices of conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. And what was Steve Kangas doing in an office building at one Oxford Centre, on the day that he was murdered? What is the intention of every businessman who carries a neatly packed suitcase full of clothes, boards a bus to another city, and enters the premises of a private office building? Given the logical assumption that Steve Kangas contacted a business prospect at one Oxford Centre, on the very day that he was murdered, there was nothing unusual about his journey to Pittsburgh. To be sure, given the tragic conclusion, Kangas was probably deliberately lured to one Oxford Centre, on the false pretense that he was there to do business. At the very least, Steve Kangas did not plot his own murder, and despite the fact that Scaife’s private investigator, Rex Armistead, criss-crossed the country to assume control of all the evidence, he failed to whitewash the simple truth. And what is the simple truth? The simple truth is that the obsessive fanatic who wields power from the shadows is Richard Mellon Scaife, it is not Steve Kangas. Richard Mellon Scaife is the fanatic who finances Clinton’s enemies, and he is so far gone that he funds private advocates like Larry Klayman, to finish the job that Starr abandoned. Indeed, in stark contrast to the extremely secretive, well funded anti-Clinton cabal, Steve Kangas is an open book, and the attempt to label him otherwise will never wash. Mr. Armistead may think that he is very clever assuming control of all documented evidence, including Steve’s mail, but he clearly crossed the line when he minimized the fact that Kangas was essentially an intelligent, reserved, well reasoned young man. Moreover, the fact that Mr. Armistead’s exhaustive obsession to monopolize documentation did not produce conclusive evidence about what Steve Kangas was doing in Pittsburgh is very interesting because that is exactly what one would expect if Steve Kangas was murdered -the preoccupation to cover up rather than to expose the truth about Steve Kangas is clearly understandable. The determination to fabricate absurd “cover stories” is equally clear, but under the circumstances, the conclusion that Kangas committed suicide is astoundingly frivolous. Arriving at One Oxford Centre at 2:45 p.m., Steve Kangas was in the building until about 11:30 p.m., when he was shot dead, and the suggestion that Kangas was trespassing in a private Office tower for about 9 hours before he conveniently committed suicide, is absolutely ludicrous. We are talking about a private building armed with security cameras and security guards, not Hitler’s suicide bunker. All Star propagandists like Tony Snow may call Steve Kangas a “garrulous loser” and focus on foolish reports like the claim that Steve Kangas carried a copy of Mein Kampf, but inappropriate characterizations are absolutely meaningless. Richard Gazarik, who works for the Scaife propaganda mill, may claim that Steve Kangas apparently traveled to Pittsburgh to “confront, and possibly to kill, the man he believed to be evil incarnate”, but what else do you expect from a predictable, ministry of propaganda? Despite the libel, Steve Kangas was a web publisher and a businessman, and if he traveled to Pittsburgh, he was merely there to conduct his business.

The behavior of the obsessive and the fanatic is well documented. As soon as Kangas was murdered, Scaife’s hired hands questioned Steve’s friends, and the intensive, self-serving investigation reflected the compulsive zeal to control information about Steve Kangas. At the same time, the absurd speculation that Steve Kangas was out to murder Richard Mellon Scaife, belied every reality. Steve Kangas was in the process of publishing a completed book, launching a high traffic website and pursuing his lucrative business interests. Steve Kangas did not waste time trying to understand what he called “the insanity of Richard Mellon Scaife”. The Scaife propaganda mill may thrive upon pure, unadulterated propaganda, but the foundation of everything that Steve Kansas accomplished was the persuasive power of his intelligence and his integrity, and that is something that Richard Mellon Scaife’s billion dollar empire will never change.

Despite all the propaganda, Steve Kangas had friends who clearly defined the essence of the man. Columbia University law student, Jason Gottlieb, summed it all up when he said: "I want people to understand that this is not the kind of person who was obsessed or driven by hate or anything like that. He was not the kind of person who would make his way to Pittsburgh on some mission of revenge. This was not the Steve Kangas that a lot of people knew." Could anybody say the same about Richard Mellon Scaife? Could anybody doubt the vicious zeal of the man who lamented the failed, anti-Clinton Inquisition, and who is still in the process of funding his own, private assault, because Starr was effectively disgraced and discredited?

The propaganda that zealots like Richard Mellon Scaife routinely deploy, ultimately betrays the truth. Richard Mellon Scaife, the man who fanned the flames of the claim that Vince Foster was murdered, is suddenly suggesting that “wacko” Steve Kangas killed himself. Where is the consistency? When you are talking about a propagandist like Richard Mellon Scaife, the consistency is always there, but you have to dig deep. When a man like Richard Mellon Scaife promotes the claim that Vince Foster was murdered, he knows what he is talking about and it is the further suggestion that Clinton is responsible for the crime, which reflects the calculated deception. The key to understanding a propagandist like Richard Mellon Scaife is to unravel the evident determination to blend truth and speculation, in order to produce an agenda-driven outcome. In other words, the outrageous claim that Clinton is responsible for the murder of Vince Foster is as contentious and as self serving as the absurd suggestion that Steve Kangas was on a mission to murder Scaife.

In the final analysis, the claim that Vince Foster was murdered is evidently reliable and when one rejects the slander that “wacko” Foster conveniently killed himself to satisfy the delusions of his critics, the elusive truth that Scaife exposes about Foster’s death, is relatively obvious. In retrospect, Vince Foster’s death provided the focus for the Senate Whitewater Hearings, fishing expedition, and if Vince Foster was deliberately murdered to ease the launch of that phony crusade, it is at least understandable. Frivolous accounts of suicide merely occupy a vacume of ignorance. As Scaife suggests, the controversy that surrounds the death of Vince Foster spells murder, but it is Bill Clinton’s enemies, not Bill Clinton, who exploited the vacume of ignorance that Foster's death produced. Moreover, the tendency to demonize people who do not advance bizarre obstruction of justice charges that implicate the Clinton White House, further explains the determination to destroy rational, intelligent people like Vince Foster and Steve Kangas. In the final analysis, we are witnessing nothing less than a wholesale assault upon the truth, because while every single bizarre, anti-Clinton allegation is well publicized, well reasoned charges are ignored, distorted or marginalized. At the same time, propaganda can only reduce the charge that Vince Foster was murdered, to the realm of the absurd conspiracy theory, if the propaganda is accepted. But what about the testimony of independent eyewitnesses like Patrick Knowlton, who filed a lawsuit claiming “a conspiracy to obstruct justice into the investigations of the death of deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster”? Clearly, notwithstanding the ignorance, the propaganda and the cover up, it is not possible to avoid the conclusion that the deaths of Steve Kangas and Vincent Foster were not typical suicides.

In particular, Steve Kangas WAS NOT suicidal, he WAS NOT homicidal and he WAS NOT a lunatic. Steve Kangas had used his spare time to become the most successful Liberal activist on the Internet, and if, or when that becomes a crime, he had every right to be so.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a young, intelligent Patriotic Marine who hero-worshipped James Bond, and pretended to defect to the Soviet Union, to spy on the Commies. Oswald had absolutely nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination, he was just a patsy who was immediately labeled a "crazy" in order to divert attention away from the truth -a lifelong specialty of Hoover’s propaganda machine. The tactic of labeling a “crazy” to divert attention away from the truth is still used. Hoover's old friend Scaife, just used it to dismiss the murder of Steve Kangas. Jack Ruby was a Mafia go-between and an FBI Informant. It was his responsibility to arrange the "contract" to silence Oswald, but Oswald smelled a trap and he fled. A desperate Jack Ruby murdered Oswald on national television. And to think that we had embraced the ludicrous claim that a thug like Jack Ruby had murdered Oswald because he felt Jackie Kennedy’s pain. Some people say that truth is stranger than fiction, but that is merely because we proved to be bigger suckers than anybody can possibly imagine. [posted June 18, 1999]